Foster Care

Preparing for Foster Care: Am I really cut out for this?

Attachment in Traumatized Children, that is the name of the licensing class my husband and I took last night. It is one of about 14 classes we are taking to fulfill our required 41.5 hours of training. I know that the things we are learning are preparing us for properly caring for the future children who are placed in our home, but my husband and I couldn’t help but relate some of the information to our bio children. Have we been parenting them with enough grace? Have we been wrongly putting adult expectations onto them? Have we been listening to them enough? Do our children feel like we care about their needs?

Fair Trade Christmas

A Fair Trade Christmas – My Favorite Things

  Christmas is less than 50 days away, and I have to tell you, I am giddy with excitement. I love everything about this holiday –  from celebrating our Savior’s birth, to the twinkling lights, decorations, and snow. I also LOVE Christmas music, which I admit I have already started blasting throughout my home and car.… Continue reading A Fair Trade Christmas – My Favorite Things


The Haven Retreat – Day 1

Getting There Back in June, I shared about an upcoming retreat that I planned on attending. This incredible retreat offered by The Younique Foundation is specifically designed for adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The four-day retreat is filled with activities to provide participants with tools to help them on their healing journey. Last… Continue reading The Haven Retreat – Day 1