There’s Grace For That Too

Last fall I was talking to the Young Life’s Wyldlife leader in my community about an upcoming meeting that I was choosing to host in my home. Young Life is something that I wanted my 13-year-old to be a part of, but not something that I wanted to force upon her or push her too hard to do. She is a shy one and large social activities can overwhelm her at times. I decided to host a Wyldlife meeting in my home to introduce my daughter to it in a space that was comfortable for her.

But when I told her of the upcoming meeting, she was mortified and threatened to stay in her room the entire time. Discouraged, I mentioned it to the Wyldlife leader. Her response was incredible and impactful. She said, “Our leaders are super friendly and will be there a few minutes early to take her under their wing. And if she decides to hang in her room, there’s grace for that too.”

There’s grace for that too. Such lovely words, aren’t they? Such an important reminder. Since then, I have repeated that phrase to myself hundreds of times.

When things don’t go my way,
there’s grace for that too.
When my kids make a poor choice,
there’s grace for that too.
When a harsh word hurts my feelings,
there’s grace for that too.
When I feel I am being overlooked,
there’s grace for that too.

When I feel like a failure……
When I miss my quiet time…….
When anger gets the best of me……
there’s grace for that too.

Oh, how I need to be reminded daily of the grace I have received and the grace that I so desperately need to show others.

Grace upon grace upon grace.

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