Why 21 Days?

I started this blog in the fall of last year while on a quest to seek out the lovely. I felt I was in a rut, kind of living life on auto-pilot and missing out on so many lovely moments.

I knew that I wanted lovely to be my focus.

I have a love for the number 21. I was born on the 21st, so I have always felt connected to that number. I have also heard that it takes 21 days to make a new habit. For me, taking the time to seek out the lovely, live in the lovely, and savor the lovely…would need to be a new habit, therefore 21 Days of Lovely was born.

I don’t feel that this is something temporary that is done for 21 days and then I move onto something new. I feel that there is room every day for seeking out the lovely. We should really want for ourselves 365 Days of Lovely, but sometimes a smaller goal seems more attainable. If you are joining me in my quest for the lovely, then I would like you to decide what works best for you! Maybe you are on a 30 days of lovely journey. Or Perhaps yours will be for 90 days. Maybe you are all in for every day of the year. It is your journey. I just hope to inspire it.

If you do post during your journey, please use #21DaysofLovely. I would love to be a part of your lovely days!

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