Sophrosyne in 2017

Alright friends, I am getting real here, okay?

Instead of focusing on resolutions, there is a trend of picking one word at the beginning of each year to focus on. It is a fun way to set an intention for the new year.

I already have so much that I intend to work on in 2017. For me, my hope is that 2017 is a year of true freedom……A year of finally focusing on myself in the form of self-care, something that I have never fully committed to probably ever in my life. This is going to be a year of profound healing for me. Last month I realized just how much I need to heal and just how important it is for me to seek help in becoming whole again. I saw how past traumas were affecting not only me, but those closest to me. I decided that I no longer wanted to allow these past hurts to affect who I am as a wife and mother. I recognized my issues with control (usually driving my family members crazy with my need to control what appeared to be little, insignificant things, because they were easy for me to control). I also recognized that due to past hurts, I have emotional triggers that consume me and make me react improperly to certain stimuli.

The BIGGEST thing for me is that I also finally allowed myself to see that I am in a place where I am free and safe to heal from past traumas. I feel that I have an extremely supportive husband who loves me unconditionally and wants nothing more than to see me be fully me…no more walls, no more powerlessness, no more insecurity.

I am also finally fully surrendering these hurts to God and giving him the opportunity to change my heart and do a work of restoration in me.

So 2017 is going to be a big year of change for me. It is not always going to be easy or pretty, but I am committed and so excited to see what comes of this journey I am on.

So, back to that one word……. I have been focused this past month on “Mindfulness”. This is something that my therapist encouraged me to really work on. Mindfulness encompasses many things. It is focusing on the present moment, being accepting and non-judgmental, it is being in a state of peace. It is about developing an observing mind. This article does a good job at describing it as a need to help tone down the Fight/Flight response in our brains, as this is the main reason that I have for practicing mindfulness.

So, should mindfulness be my word for 2017? Well, yes and no. I wanted that as my word, but I wanted something more….something bigger, something prettier…..a word that included mindfulness but other things too….and I feel I found that….

My word for 2017 is the Greek word, sophrosyne!


I saw the definition and LOVED it. As I continued to research it a bit more, this is what i found it to mean:

  • In its use in the Bible it means sound mind and self-control.
  • It is having self-control, self-knowledge, forethought. It is having temperance, being slow to anger, having restraint, having reason.
  • It is maintaining balance: a healthy body and a healthy mind.
  • It is practicing moderation.
  • It is being self-aware, which I feel in turn allows you to be properly aware of others.
  • It is mindfulness.

So what does this word look like for me? How will I practice Sophrosyne?

  1. Self-Care: I will be spending more time practicing Self-Care, something I have recently begun. I will take more time to do things for myself: Bible journaling, Studying the Word, playing guitar, singing, volunteering at the school, volunteering with horses, taking naps, taking baths, reading. I will take time to rest, slow down, meditate, exercise, eat well, sleep well. I will take control of my self-talk and make sure it is always positive. I will no longer apologize for being me. I will no longer judge myself.
  2. Moderation: I will create healthier habits. This also falls in self-care. I will create healthier eating habits, sleeping habits, social media habits. I will be better at how I use the hours in my day, being mindful of balancing my time better and being sure that I give more of my quality time to the people and areas that actually NEED it.
  3. Mindfulness: I will work on growing my mindfulness muscle by watching my own daily experience, noticing my automatic patterns and redirecting my attention to the present moment.

So there you have it……

Do you have a word for the year? What is it?

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